Our Little Cottage On Wheels

This is our little RV.  As you can see, we have an awning which rolls out.  My hubby has storage on both sides of the RV.  We have a generator which comes in handy depending on the type of camping we are doing.
 This is our little kitchen.  We have a two burner stove top which uses propane.  Our refrigerator/freezer can be used as 110, 12 Volt or propane.  We have a microwave.  Our little kitchen sink can be used for washing dishes or a cover that gives a little work space.  It is very tiny, but very functional.  We have nice storage space as well.
 This is at the back of our RV.  It is a very comfy sofa and it makes down into our very comfy bed.  Our air conditioner is above with nice storage on both sides and a small space above the sofa/bed.
MY hubby is enjoying his morning cup of coffee.  The door that you see to the left is our little bathroom.  We have a toilet and shower.  I will mention that it is very, very cosy.  Next to the bathroom door is the wardrobe and is very spacious for such a small RV.  The storage throughout our RV works very well.