Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Good Morning

We have had a nice first part of August.  We celebrated our 49th wedding anniversary on August 9th.  We feel so blessed.

We have enjoyed such pretty weather for the first part of August.  We have had near fall like weather with nice rain showers throughout the first part of the month.  It looks like we are now in for more summer time weather.  I must say, I have loved the cooler weather.

We have been tending to our home, lawn, garden and enjoyed a few out and about days.

On a not so nice part of August, if any of you have been by to browse through my "little space" in the past few days, you will notice that all of my blog images are missing.  Well, I was wanting to spruce up my "little space" a bit and touched the wrong button and deleted all of my pretties.  Yes, just one touch took away so much.  So, rather than try to put it all back together, I have decided to leave it as is.

I have tidied up the empty spaces and will be content in just the way it is.

I look forward to visiting you very soon and hope that you all have enjoyed a few sweet little pleasures and many simple blessings for your month of August.


  1. Happy 49th anniversary to you and Bill, Teri! I completely forgot about it. Glad you are having a nice summer. We have had lovely weather but today the humidity is to be back. Your blog looks lovely anyway you have it. I have missed it. Have a lovely rest of August!
    God bless, Kathy

  2. Oh Teri... what joy to have celebrated such a wonderful event! Congratulations sweet lady :-)
    And I have surely missed you ....

  3. Happy Anniversary to you! Hope you did something special for your day. Glad you were able to enjoy some nice weather too. I am so sorry to read that you lost some of your blogging pictures. That must have been such a disappointment. You have a special way to make your blog so sweet. Wish they had a "undo" button to go back when those little accidents happen. Look forward to all your future postings.

  4. Welcome back Teri and a very Happy Anniversary!

  5. Happy Anniversary to you both! And congratulations on 49 years. Wonderful! I think your blog looks charming, Teri. Love the quote. Words to remember, for sure. Hugs.

  6. Happy Anniversary, Teri! I am sorry that your photos disappeared, technology is a twitchy friend, isn't it? I think your space looks lovely anyway. Your words are always what touch me...xoxo Kim

  7. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! 49 years is quite the accomplishment, congratulations to the both of you.
    My mouth dropped when you mentioned hitting the wrong button and lost everything, sigh...
    I have always had that fear and am so afraid to venture out with out my Stephanie to guide me along, that is why she is my little Blog angel. :)
    Your wall-paper is soft and sweet just the way it is.
    So nice to visit with you, sweet lady, it's been awhile since I have really had the time to visit my dear blogging friends.
    I thought of you when my husband and I took the motor home out a couple of times. Our chats over camping were lovely.
    God bless you~~

  8. I've found out the hard way too that one button can cause a lot of damage. It's frustrating. Happy anniversary!
    xx Beca

  9. Happy Anniversary, Teri - how wonderful to celebrate 49 years! So sorry to hear about your blog mishap. I have done the same....in fact, I somehow just lost one of my follower's links to Facebook. Sigh......Your blog still looks darling. Hugs xo Karen

  10. Happy belated anniversary! ♥ We have had many cooler days here, too, and I have absolutely loved it. So sorry about your mishap, but your blog still looks so cozy and pretty! Hugs! ♥ Karen

  11. I'm so sorry about the issues with just "one touch"... so sad for you, because I know how much time it took, but still, your blog is a cozy little nesting spot, and I love it! We had a busy August too, and are now enjoying some cooler weather, but we do need more rain. Busy still in my garden! Lots of produce going on there. Always a joy to sit a spell and visit with you Teri, blessings and hugs :)

  12. PS... Happy Anniversary! What a remarkable and wonderful milestone!!!!

  13. Hi Teri. I am so glad you and Bill had a wonderful anniversary. You are a awesome example of how beautiful marriage can be. Hugs to you. Juli


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