Monday, May 1, 2017

My Gramma

I want to share from my heart the love, the sweet inspiration and some very fond memories of my Gramma.

 My Gramma was a very important part of my life, an inspiration to me for sure.  I would spend time with my Gramma throughout the year, as well as many Sunday afternoons, even writing letters and talking on the telephone to one another throughout the week.  Such sweet and precious memories.

My Gramma always wore an apron.  I remember as a little girl following my Gramma as she went to the chicken house, to the garden, to the clothesline and back into her warm cosy kitchen. 

She lived in a little town just a short way from our hometown.  She had an old fashioned two story home, a covered front porch with a porch swing and pretty flowers all around her porch.  As I would walk up her front brick walk, the most beautiful Iris were along a steep bank leading to her front porch.  There were many pictures taken of my Gramma and me with flowers all around us on her front porch and her side yard.  Clotheslines were abundant.  She took in washings and ironings to make ends meet.  My Gramma did not have a lot of money, but she did have a lot of love to give.  I am so thankful that I was one of those to receive her precious love, as were each one of her grandchildren.  She made each one of us feel that we were so special to her.  

In her side yard were her chicken house and fenced area for her many chickens.  I do remember so well, helping her gather the eggs in her apron.  I might mention that in her backyard was a large garden with fruit trees that lined the back of her property.  She planned, she planted, she gathered and she preserved.  I remember that she would send us home with her jars of home canned produce from her gardens. 

She had flowers all around her home, always having a fresh bouquet of pretty flowers in a fruit jar on her kitchen table.  Many of her flowers were made into bouquets and decorated the graves of family and friends.

We enjoyed many old fashioned holiday dinners around her dining room table.  I remember Gramma, my Mom and my Aunts working together in her little kitchen preparing delicious meals for all of us.  I loved being with my Gramma, my Dad, Mom, Brother, Sister, Uncles, Aunts and being with the best cousins anyone could ask for.  I have so many wonderful memories from those days gone by.  

When it was just my Gramma and I there are many precious memories with the two of us sharing meals at her kitchen table where she and I would eat and chat.  The window at her kitchen table looked out to the back garden.  I loved sitting there with her.  I remember what I loved most from her cooking and baking, were her homegrown home fried chicken. I loved her homemade cinnamon rolls, homemade pies and her delicious fresh homemade bread from the oven.

Another special thing that comes to mind is how in the evening when I would stay with my Gramma, her days work done, we would sit and swing on her front porch swing.  We would listen to the evening birdsong and the evening sounds as she would read her newspaper.  I can still hear the crinkling of the newspaper as she so quietly would sit and read and we would swing together.  If I were going to be homesick, missing my family, that was the time it would happen.  It didn't last for long though.  Gramma had a way of taking my mind away from being homesick.

When we would go inside for the evening and we would get ready for bed, her routine, I will never forget.  She had very long hair that she would wear in a loose bun on top of her head.  I loved the wispy little curls around her sweet round face and rosy cheeks.  She would pull the bed covers back, a feather bed, soft and comfy and I would snuggle in.  She would take her hair down and she had an ivory dresser set.  She would brush her hair forever it seemed and then she would braid it into one long "pigtail" down her back.  She had old fashioned handmade cotton nighties for the summertime and handmade flannel nighties for the wintertime.  To this day, I love my cotton nighties and my flannel nighties.  We would lay and chat until we would finally fall asleep.

Each morning, very early, we would begin our day.  Gramma had a pretty round ivory container with her dresser set that held her Cashmere Bouquet talcum powder with a fluffy little puff and she would "fluff" on her talcum powder.  I do remember it was so pretty smelling.  When we were dressed, we always had to tend to feeding and watering the birds outside before we could have our breakfast.  When we finished the few early outside chores, we would sit down at her kitchen table and enjoy our breakfast.

Gramma never had a car ... never drove.  She walked wherever she needed to go.  Before I began driving, when I stayed with her, she and I would walk to church on Sunday mornings.  During the week, we would walk to the grocery store, the post office, the bank, the dime store, the drug store and the little library.  When I was old enough to drive, Gramma and I would go in my car.  We always enjoyed each other's company.  Gramma always loved to go for rides.  She especially liked to stop for an ice cream cone.

My Gramma and I were very close.  I do believe, I take after my Gramma in so many ways.  Oh, how I would love to sit and chat with her again.  For now, I have the many fond memories.

♥ My Gramma was the perfect Gramma ♥


  1. I so enjoyed reading this Teri. What precious memories. Please share more stories of your Gramma as I like to hear about the details of everyday life from that generation. I miss my grandmas very much and also wish I could sit down and talk to them today.

  2. Thank you for sharing these memories, Teri. They warm my heart this morning. My grandma lived with us until I was 9 years old, and I have a few of these same sorts of memories. The description of your gramma letting down her hair at night, brushing it and then braiding it into a long braid is exactly the picture of my grandma. Also the gathering of eggs in her apron. You do seem to take after your gramma. So sweet. Hugs, Nancy

  3. Oh what precious memories you shared of your Gramma! You shared so beautifully that I could just imagine being taken back in time to that simple and happy place! I too was very close to both my grandmothers, and have special memories of times with them. I do believe you do take much after your Gramma too, you just have such a sweet and simple way of living that is beautiful in this fast paced crazy world around us. It is always a joy to come and visit you here :) Have a blessed and lovely first day of May!

  4. What a blessing to come here and read about your sweet Gramma, Teri. I loved it. I think I can r elate in so many ways because I was raised in the same home and my grandTparents on my dad's side. They lived on the ground floor and we lived upstairs. People often tell me that I remind them so much of my grandma. :) I loved going to the hen house to help her gather the eggs. Then I would often rise early so that when my dad and my grandpap would come in from milking I could some of Grandma's fluffy pancakes with them.

    Thank you so much, friend, for sharing your precious memories with us.

  5. Such a beautiful post. Thank you so much for sharing your precious memories.

  6. What lovely memories you have, Teri. You are so lucky, she sounds like a wonderful woman Now you have me thinking of my own grandmothers...

  7. Such treasured memories, Teri. Your Grandma sounds like the kind of Grandma I want to be! My own Grandmother's were just the same - sweet, selfless, and devoted to their families. When you described your Grandmother's home, I felt like I was at my own Grandma's house. These sweet memories are so very special. I'm sure your Grandmother is the reason you are the dear person you are today. I so enjoyed spending time with you and your Grandmother today! Sending hugs and blessings for your week. xo Karen

  8. Teri,
    What a sweet post. I loved hearing about your special moments in time with your grandma. She sounds like a wonderful person. Sometimes I truly think people have a richer life when they don't have a lot of money. Thank you so much for sharing this post. Hugs. Juli

  9. A very beautiful post and tribute to your gramma, Teri. I have many of the same memories. I think we both are very much like our grandmothers. We love home and garden and caring for our family's. I wish you a very nice first week of May! xo

  10. Oh, Teri, I so enjoyed your post!♥ You have such sweet memories. Many of the memories I have of my grandma are very similar. :-) What a blessing it is to have had such a dear gramma.
    I hope you and your family are all doing well, and will have a pleasant Spring. Many hugs to you, my dear friend. ~Melanie

  11. You have some very special memories to hold on to. Happy times to be remembered and cherished.

  12. Hi Teri! I just today found you by way of Harvest Lane Cottage! I love you post about your Gramma and how closely every comment is to my own Grandma-memories!
    But I just read that you are taking a blogging break so I guess I will just have to wait until you come back to get to know you better! ha
    Is there a way to subscribe to your email list so I won't miss you? Perhaps I'm just not seeing it in your side bar? Thanks!
    Lori in Missouri

  13. I love this post, Teri. I had a special relationship with my grandmother as well. In her final years we worked on a project together, creating an album with all her photos and all her life story and it was a wonderful and meaningful experience that also created a piece of history for our family to treasure. Enjoy your time away!