Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Small Space Gardens

A small kitchen garden, a small raised bed garden, patio containers, assorted planters and pots are all good ways to enjoy small space gardening.

We have a double washtub that we use for a small herb garden on one side and the other side for a salad garden.  It is just as pretty as a pot of flowers.  We love our rain barrel.  It is on our patio near our kitchen garden and our washtubs.  It works well there.  So far with the spring rains that we have had, our rain barrel is full of harvested rain water.

We use our small kitchen garden outside our backdoor, just off of our patio for tomato plants, cucumbers, peppers, a few herbs and a few pretty flowers.

These were simple ways that we have planned, planted and harvested our little kitchen garden in past years.  This year will be much the same.

It is nice to keep our garden plans simple as we enjoy fresh produce, fresh herbs and pretty flowers without spending all of our time in our yard and garden.

We also have a small raised bed that sits along the fence in our backyard, close by our garden shed and our compost bin.  This little space has our windmill and an old fashioned hand water pump to add a little country charm.  Plans are being made as to what we want to plant in that little garden bed.

We also have a rustic homemade wooden planter in our front yard that our son made.  We too are working on plans as to what we want to plant in there.  We have our birdbath close to this flower bed.  We plan to use this flower garden to bring in song birds and hummingbirds.

We like to spend time on our front porch or our patio.  We enjoy fresh from our garden foods to put on our kitchen table.  We also like to pick a pretty bouquet of fresh flowers to pretty up our kitchen table or to put on our front porch table.

Such sweet pleasures and simple blessings.


  1. My dear Teri, what a sweet little poem at the end of your post. Such true words....

    My husband, son, and I planted a garden a couple of years ago and oh, how we enjoyed the fresh vegetables! My on was out in the garden every day picking peas and snacking on them {{smiles}}

    Have a blessed day, my friend. Hugs!

  2. I have always wanted a small kitchen garden. Maybe this is the year! ;) Have a Happy Easter, Teri!

  3. So sweet! Thank you for the reminder to keep it simple!!

  4. Gardening is so enjoyable. I loved reading how you and your husband have planned what you want and where the best place would be for each one. I especially like the idea of harvesting rain water with a barrel. That is something that we've not done before, but I have a cousin who does it and uses the rain water for her flowers and garden.

    Here at our home my husband takes care of the vegetable garden and I do the flower beds. He has several raised beds and the last few years he tilled up a part of the backyard for garden space as well. I do a lot of canning and freezing with the abundance. We plan what we actually need and that is what he plants. We love the fresh produce, too!

  5. Kathy in IllinoisApril 13, 2017 at 6:45 PM

    Oh, Teri, I love Life's Little Garden poem! Your sweet gardens sound so lovely and organized. You and Bill do a wonderful job working on your home, lawn and garden. A few days ago we planted the early garden vegetables. My hyacinth, daffodils bluebells and violets are blooming now! The tulips will be soon. I just love spring! Have a happy Easter!
    God bless, Kathy

  6. Sweet post as you share the beauty of your gardening. Your simple ways are a great way to have a small garden.
    My husband loves to do the vegetable garden, potatoes do the best here in the mountains. We live pretty high up in the mountains so not much time for growing.
    I enjoy the flower gardening. :)

    Beautiful poem at the end of your post.

    Easter blessings~

  7. Your garden sounds lovely, Teri. I have one large pot that is filled only with herbs that can be put in tea, like mint and lemon verbena. This is the one I use the most, picking a few leaves of each every day to put in the pot.

  8. I love to see a rain barrel outside a home. They remind me of growing up on the farm --my mother had a rain barrel near the porch. I've been planting herbs among my flowers, but would love to have a designated space. Maybe this year I'll work on that. Gardening is such a joy. Love the garden prayer, Teri. xo

  9. Hi Teri, Your yard sounds delightful. So happy your rain barrel is full this spring. I love to smell fresh herbs! You will have to let us know what plants you choose for the box your son made. I wish you a blessed Easter.