Saturday, April 1, 2017

Simple Saturday

Keepin' it Simple


  1. Good Morning Teri, I am delighted to have found your sweet and charming blog. I love this photo, but even more enjoyed the post before this one. My parents were young parents during the Great Depression and even though I was born much later (change of life baby) we all grew up with these non-wasteful notions burned into our being. They have help me to become very good at saving and not being wasteful or non-appreciative of what I have. The Depression was a hard time, but it also created some strong people. "All things work for good"
    I get a kick out of the new age people thinking that they invented recycling, LOL. I am your newest follower and very happy to meet you. Do come visit my blog and hopefully you will like it enough to follow me back. Either way I'm happy to have found your lovely little corner of Blog-land.
    Have a sweet day!
    Connie :)

  2. I love the photo you have above. It speaks of someone who loves flowers. :) And I also love the sweet little changes I'm seeing here. Very nice! xx

  3. Lovely vignette, Teri! Isn't springtime just wonderful? Have fun playing in the dirt! Hugs and blessings xo Karen