Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Hearts Garden

With this being spring, it is time to plan, prepare, plant and harvest in our little kitchen garden and around our yard.

I keep a Home Journal and have for many, many years.  I keep poems, sayings and quotes that I have found throughout the years.  I love to browse through them from time to time and thought that you all might enjoy this one as well.  I found it to be heartwarming.

Hearts Garden
by Katherine Merrill
My heart is a garden where thought flowers grow.
The thoughts that I think are the seeds that I sow.
Every kind loving thought bears a kind loving deed,
And a thought that is selfish is just like a weed.

So I must watch what I think each minute, each day,
Pull out the weed thoughts and throw them away,
And plant loving seed thoughts so thick in a row,
There will not be room for weed thoughts to grow.


  1. Tending a garden is a great analogy to tending our spiritual life. I love poems, quotes and stories that point that out. This poem you shared is one I'll be thinking of often. Your garden photos are so sweet. xo

  2. Those galvanized garden tubs are just dreamy, Teri! :)

  3. Hi Teri,
    I love the poem and your garden tubs.

  4. I love your 'heart garden' poem, Teri! A lovely reminder to tend to those thought-weeds! Your garden is so charming. Love your sweet bench. Hugs xo Karen

  5. I love the containers you've used for your kitchen garden! And the words to the poem you have shared are such a gentle reminder for us to guard our thoughts!

  6. Oh how I love the old wash tubs that you garden in!