Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Simple Blessings ♥ Week Two

Welcome back to my Simple Blessings series.  This is Week Two and I want to chat a bit about keeping our bedroom uncluttered, peaceful and cosy.  I will also share a bit about our daily routine.

I love pretty bedding.  I love crisp cotton sheets and pillow cases in the spring and summer with a light cotton blanket.  In the fall and winter we love our soft flannel sheets and pillow cases.  We also love using a fleece blanket making our bed warm and cosy.  We have a down mattress topper that is so comfy.  We are pretty frugal with our spending, but we tend to budget a bit more for our bedding.  We find it to be well worth the cost.  We find that paying more for quality, for most of what we buy works out best in the long term.  

I am very fond of how the Amish live.  I love the simplicity of their homes.  Our bedroom is not that sparse of "stuff", but is neat and tidy and would be the most simple room in our home.  I love using soft colors.  We have never had a TV, computer or other type of electronics in our bedroom.  We do have a small clock radio in our bedroom.  We do set our alarm clock for Sunday mornings as we leave early for church.  During the week we try to schedule our appointments in the early afternoon.  Neither of us likes hearing the alarm clock.  It is a blessing and something that we are both thankful for with my hubby being retired.  I love getting up early, just not by an alarm.  My hubby sleeps in a bit later, giving me my quiet time early in the morning.  

As I have mentioned before, my hubby and I love our mornings at home.  We enjoy quiet time with our Bibles, our Daily Devotionals and our morning cups of coffee.

We both like a good old fashioned homemade breakfast.  It is our main meal of the day.  We usually have our breakfast around 9:00 a.m.  This gives me plenty of time to prepare a good breakfast and not have to hurry.  When we finish our breakfast, we tidy up the kitchen and begin our day.  It makes for a peaceful beginning to the day.  We have a nice dinner mid afternoon.  In the evening we enjoy our cup of coffee with a homemade treat.  We also enjoy nutritious snacks throughout our day.

Sunday is the one day that we have a light breakfast.  Since we leave early for church, we usually have granola, yogurt, fruit and nuts for our breakfast.  Dinner on Sunday's will be our big meal of the day.  On Sunday mornings my hubby does up the dishes while I make up our bed.  I do not like leaving home without having our chores finished up.  I love, love, love coming home to a neat and tidy home.

Well, I will be back next Wednesday to share a bit about how our bathroom is a quiet retreat and a peaceful setting as we end our day and get ready to snuggle in for the night.  

I would love to hear your thoughts.


  1. I agree with you on no electronics in the bedroom. We don't have an alarm clock. When I retired I sold mine at a yard sale. Dennis and I go to bed early and are early risers. Our bedroom, in my opinion, is the prettiest, most peaceful room in the cottage. I love going to bed at night and waking up to a tidy room. Thanks for sharing, Teri. I love this series. Hugs, Nancy

  2. I am really enjoying your series on the home Teri! We don't have a TV in our home at all, and I am so thankful for that, have never regretted it. Life is so peaceful. We do have an alarm clock in our room, because we still have times of need for it. I have to make my bed every day too. It makes such a difference to have a clean, neat and tidy home, but especially the bedroom! And yes, nice bedding makes all the difference in how you sleep. In the winter we use a heated blanket to keep us warm :) Visiting your blog always brings a sense of peace and joy. Hugs to you today!

  3. Oh, how I enjoy reading your series on, Simple Blessings.
    I agree with you, that the bedroom should be a peaceful place, with the best you can afford linens.
    Our bedroom is my sanctuary!

  4. I've been looking forward to this today! I so agree with you...when it comes to bedding, quality is of the utmost importance. It always pays off. I like the lighter colors in our bedroom, too. Your quilt is beautiful...did you make it? I am looking forward to when my husband retires next year so that our breakfasts can be bigger and we can make our middle meal of the day the bigger meal rather than the way we eat now.

  5. I'm right there with you. A neat and tidy home certainly brings with it joy and blessings.
    I seems like if your bed is made it creates a clean environment all around. A messy bed makes you feel like everything is out of order.
    We too love nice bedding for sleeping. We keep our bedroom cool so we use warm cozy bedding.
    We have a clock in our bedroom and only use the alarm when we need to be up very early, my husband and I both have built in alarm clocks.
    We have not had television for nearly thirty years. We do have a TV and watch good videos at times. As a child I was never into TV.
    Your quilt is beautiful.

  6. i loved your bed sheet sooo much!
    it is of design what here ladies of rural areas make with hand in spare times and is sold on high prices in cities!
    you sound God" person with humble sweet heart and your simple generous thoughts shine through you way of living dear!

  7. Kathy in IllinoisMarch 10, 2017 at 8:10 PM

    Oh, Teri, your bedroom and your quiet mornings sound so wonderful!! I love pretty sheets too. I love the smell when I hang them outside on the clothesline! I always make the bed. Our bedroom is blue- a peaceful color. I hate the sound of an alarm clock also, but I do set it sometimes when I need to get up really early. We do not have a TV in our bedroom either. Our mornings start with breakfast and reading the paper. Each day is different. Hope you enjoy a peaceful night and a peaceful morning tomorrow!
    God bless, Kathy

  8. I love your bedroom. The quilt does look as if it could be in an Amish home. I love how you have a cozy feel to your bedroom. I was just wondering, what are those books in that little night stand? I will look forward to your future posts. Have a blessed weekend. Hugs. Juli

  9. We ditched the tv in our room a few years ago and I am so happy we did. We never really watched it, it had just become a giant dust collector. Our room is my sanctuary...simple, cozy and comfortable. Thanks for sharing, Teri. I love reading these posts!

  10. Your bedroom is so pretty, Teri. The quilt is beautiful! I agree that it's worthwhile to purchase better quality linens. They last longer and are so much more comfortable.
    I hope you are having a great week!
    Much love and hugs,

  11. I love the descriptions of your quiet mornings, Teri, and your sweet and restful bedroom. Oh, I hate alarm clocks, too, but still a necessity until my dear husband retires in 4 years. Your quilt is so beautiful and I agree that bedding should be something you don't scrimp on. I love piling on flannel sheets, lots of pillows and several quilts in winter. It makes things so cozy. I love soft music to fall asleep to, so we have a stereo in the room and a fan. I love the steady drone of the fan and the circulating air. I love this sweet series, Teri. You have a lovely, charming life. xx Karen

  12. Teri, Your quilt is so soft and pretty. Like you, I find that less clutter makes me feel more organized and makes a room easier to clean. We love not having to set an alarm clock most days! We make our appts. after lunch if at all possible. As you and I have discussed before, we enjoy an afternoon cup of coffee. Soon we will be able to drink our coffee on the porch!