Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Simple Blessings ♥ Week Three

Welcome back to Simple Blessings.  This is Week Three of the series that I am sharing each Wednesday during March.  Today, I will be sharing how we make our bathroom into a quiet retreat.  It is all simple and nothing that breaks the budget, but creates contentment.  I like a pretty bathroom.  Ours is old fashioned and shares quiet charm.  We have a window in our bathroom that looks out over our backyard.  I love having the window open during warm weather.  We have an old fashioned window shade with a soft cotton curtain with ruffles on our window and is so calming when there is a breeze and the curtain gently sways back and forth.  When we have chillier weather, we have a small heater that makes it so warm and cosy for our relaxing baths.

We love having a candle softly burning and using natural body washes and body lotions.

We also like using soft wash cloths and fluffy bath towels.  I love using a small lamp to create a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. There is just nothing that helps more than a nice warm relaxing bath to be ready to snuggle in for a good nights sleep.

Now, I might mention that these are my ideas, not my hubby's.  But, I might mention that I have not heard him complain about the small special touches that make our bathroom a quiet retreat.  So I think he appreciates his time being relaxed and taking in the sweet comforts of our bathroom as much I do.  

I will be back next Wednesday to share with you our simple blessings.

I hope that you will share your thoughts.


  1. We have an extremely small bathroom and I've often struggled with making it an inviting place. A few years ago I framed pictures of lighthouses that we visited on the coast of Maine as my focal point and planned everything else around the pictures. I have vases and jars of sea shells, a framed post card...the frame has a coastal theme, and a small vase of sea glass, and a large shell that belonged to my mother-in-law. The shower curtain and liner are tan (for the sand) and our towels are tan and blue. I love it! But as I read here about your bathroom, I also realized that I've incorporated some of the same things as you...such as a lace curtain from Mexico over the window that overlooks our backyard (it is a small window) and I too enjoy having it open in the warmer months of the year. The gentle breezes cause the lace curtain to flutter a bit. I don't have any candles or lamps in there...not certain how I could incorporate them in the space that I have. Do you make your own soap? Thank you so much for the wonderful ideas you've shared here today, Teri. I always enjoy my visits with you.

  2. I think adding a cozy touch to rooms in the home that we use often adds that extra bit of joy and comfort that brings peace and contentment to a home. The candle sounds lovely. Our bathroom is quite tiny too, and I try to keep it neat and wiped down every day. I always appreciate a clean cozy bathroom, and you are so right, while our husbands may not say much, they do appreciate the extra touches we add :)

  3. Lovely post, Teri. My bathroom is not the room I wish it to be but it works. Thanks for sharing your home.

    Grace & Peace,

  4. Teri, your bathroom sounds lovely. Taking care of yourself in a nice space makes every day better. Peace and tranquility is always nice. I love how you make your house a "home".

  5. Your bathroom does sound like a lovely place to unwind, Teri. Since we have a walk-in shower and no bathtub, our bathroom is not really a retreat like yours. I do try to keep it pretty, though. I'm enjoying this series your doing. xo

  6. Hello, sweet friend! I so enjoyed scrolling through your posts. Your quilt from the previous post took my breath away - what loveliness!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Love and hugs!

  7. Dear Teri, I love the photos that you shared and all that your wrote about your quiet retreat. There is nothing quite as nice as a hot bath in a relaxing bathroom. I especially love the photo of the wash cloth and the bar of soap in the bowl. Hugs to you. Juli

  8. Kathy in IllinoisMarch 18, 2017 at 9:08 AM

    Your bathroom sounds so lovely and peaceful, Teri. We have a very small bathroom too, but it has all you need!! We have a small window also with a battenburg lace swag around it. The blueprint for our house did not have a window in the bathroom but I told the contractor to put one in! I love fresh air! Our bath is blue and white and peaceful. We have a candle in there and I use good smelling lotions also. We keep our bathroom clean and tidy. Enjoy your day!
    God bless, Kathy

  9. Hello, Teri - I had to laugh when you said this was not your husband's ideas! They do appreciate the comforting, feminine touches, though, don't they? I think a window in the bathroom is wonderful and scented candles with a warm bath sound so nice. I should take the time to do this more often. It seems I am always in a hurry......These simple pleasures add so much to the quality of life. Blessings for your week. xx Karen

  10. I love to hear your point of view on Simple Blessings.
    We don't have to have a Palace or mini Manson to have sweet blessing to enjoy.
    You said it perfectly, "It is all simple and nothing that breaks the budget, but creates contentment."
    To be content where we are, with what we have and adding drops of sweetness, to everyday life.

  11. I am so enjoying this series, Teri, and the joy found in little moments. I love a cozy comfortable bathroom as well.

  12. Your bath sounds very relaxing and cozy. I can just imagine a gentle breeze making your ruffly curtain blow during nice weather. Like you, we have a little heater to warm the bath on colder days. I have enjoyed Oil of Olay body wash this winter; it has helped my skin from drying out. Such an enjoyable post. Thank you for sharing.