Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Simple Blessings ♥ Week One

I will be sharing Simple Blessings each Wednesday during the month of March.  

This is the first in the series as I plan to share my thoughts on the simple everyday things that bring love, joy, peace and contentment to our days in our little cottage.

I hope that you will share some of your thoughts as well.

Our situation may be very different from yours, but I am very sure that we all want our homes to be welcoming and a safe haven for all who live within the walls and under the roof.

We are in retirement and have been empty nesters for many years.  

Holidays, birthdays and anniversaries are wonderful to celebrate, but we find that we want to celebrate each and every day in our little cottage with sweet and simple touches.

We want our little cottage to be a blessing to us each and every day.  

Three of the things that we do in our cottage each and every day are Eat ... Sleep ... Bathe.  These are three of the areas that I love to make warm and welcoming for my hubby and for myself.  I love a calm and peaceful setting for each of these happenings.

This week, being Week One, I will share about our little old fashioned kitchen and how we enjoy cosy meals there.

Our home is very small.  We enjoy all of our meals at our kitchen table.  I like to keep our kitchen table free of clutter.  I like having an old fashioned table linen in the center of our kitchen table.  We have either an antique oil lamp in the center, an heirloom from several generations back on Bill's side of the family, a pretty candle lit or fresh flowers if we have them.  We prefer a simple look.  I like to use placemats and set a pretty table for each of our meals.  With having an eat in kitchen, I try to keep the dishes washed up and put away as I cook to keep my counter space tidy.  It also makes it much easier to clean up after meals.  We do all of our dishes by hand.  Most of the time I wash and my hubby dries.  We have never even thought of having a dish washer.

I do like to add seasonal touches to the center of our kitchen table, keeping it simple.  Our kitchen table is used for many chores.  I love to sit at our kitchen table as I plan our meals, going through my favorite cookbooks, with my grocery list at hand and of course a nice cup of fresh brewed coffee.  My hubby makes the coffee in our home.  I do the cooking and the baking.  I usually set the table and he clears the table.  My kitchen table holds my sewing machine when I am working on little projects.  We do puzzles on our kitchen table.  My hubby made me a puzzle board, so it is easy to store it away when need be.  I wrap gifts on our kitchen table, pay bills, write letters and do so much more.  Our kitchen table is always cleared off for our meals though.  

Our kitchen is the heart of our home and our kitchen table is the heart of our kitchen.

I will be back next Wednesday with Week Two of the Simple Blessings series.

I hope that you will join me and share your thoughts as well.


  1. Teri, I always love seeing your kitchen! Back when we married, people were buying black lacquered furniture and such. I opted for a good quality oak table. After thousands of meals over the last 35 years and 3 kids doing homework for years, etc. it was in terrible shape. And while I love using tablecloths (especially seasonal ones), I could never leave my table bare as it was so bad. So in Jan., I refinished my first piece of furniture! It looks beautiful once again! I so enjoy seeing it every day now. I look forward to the rest of this series. Have a blessed day, Angela

  2. Your kitchen table is the center of your home, that is for sure.
    Like Angela said, way back black lacquer was in. I too, opted out for a Amish solid, oak table set.
    If our tables could talk! We still do everything on our table, even played ping pong!

  3. You have the most charming kitchen, Teri...and while I do have a dishwasher, my husband and I do the wash and dry dance sometimes. I like it. :)

  4. A lovely post about your kitchen, Teri. I like the center piece that you change out, but how it makes the kitchen feel homey. I like to use a table cloth on our kitchen table, along with place mats. I love setting the table in a pretty fashion, as you do. Thanks so much...and I look forward to next week!

  5. I'm going to enjoy this series! You should make it a linky party! What fun! I would like to use your idea on my own blog, if you don't mind.

    Grace & Peace,

  6. I love this post. The pictures you shared where simple and beautiful. I am looking forward to this series that you are writing. I think you should write a little book, I for one would buy it! Hugs to you. Juli

  7. Your words and photo portray a very cozy kitchen filled with love. You're a good role model, Teri. Hugs.

  8. Kathy in IllinoisMarch 2, 2017 at 6:22 PM

    I just love this post, Teri! Your kitchen is so cozy. I love your doilies and old-fashioned kitchenware! We hand wash and dry our dishes too! We eat in our kitchen too which has a trestle table with benches. I love my sunny yellow cozy kitchen! Thanks for these posts. I can't wait for the next one!
    God bless, Kathy

  9. I enjoyed reading about your cosy kitchen, your heirloom oil lamp, your favorite cookbooks, etc. It seems that so many of our lives revolve around the kitchen table. A place to read the Bible, plan meals, do crafts, write letters. and EAT! Have a nice weekend.

  10. Teri, I so enjoyed this post. Your kitchen is charming and someplace where I'd feel right at home. Thanks for letting us "visit". 😊

  11. You're an inspiration, Teri. I love the way you find beauty in everyday things.

  12. Hello, Teri, I am catching up with you and wanted to start at the beginning of your 'Blessings'. Your kitchen sounds so cozy and charming - I love the sweet photos you have shared. Your table sounds like the heart of your home! If only kitchen tables could talk and tell us of all the wonderful meals and memories that go on there. It's so nice that you take the time to make sure all of your meals are sweet and special. xo Karen

  13. I too am "catching up" on your posts! I just love your sweet kitchen. We have always had an eat in kitchen. I like to switch our tablecloths seasonally. I just purchase the ones from the dollar store. It's so fun to see the children's faces as they get so excited when we change them out:)! I just love that.
    Oh-- and I have never had a dishwasher either❤

  14. I've been reading through your posts. I'm really enjoying myself. You make me aspire to your peacefulness.
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage