Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Quiet Time

Finding quiet time in my day is so important to me.

I find it is best to have a favorite place for my quiet time.  I want it to be free of distractions.  I want it to be comfortable.  I actually have two quiet places that I choose depending on the weather.  When the weather is nice I like to have my quiet time on our front porch.  Otherwise, I love my comfy chair in our front room close by the bay window and my reading table.

I love the early morning.  I don't have a set amount of time.  I think that the most important part is not the amount of time but being consistent with the time.  I also cherish a bit of afternoon quiet time.  Often that is when I will sit down at my computer and visit your "little spaces" and "chat" with you for a bit.  I too, love our evening quiet time as it is a way to end the day in a quiet way and to get ourselves ready for snuggle in time  and to look forward to a good night's sleep.  

My morning quiet time, I read and study my Daily Devotional, followed by reading and studying my Bible.  I then have silent prayer time.  By this time my hubby is up and he has his time for his Daily Devotional and his Bible time.  We enjoy our morning cup of coffee together.  We then prepare and have our breakfast.

It is important to commit to doing so consistently.  It requires sacrifice to begin with.  Habits and lifestyles form this way.  We even use this time in the same way when we are away from home.  We have done this for so long that it just seems right for us.  This is our way.  Each one has to choose what works best for them.  

I might mention that my hubby and I love getting up early.  We just do not want to go anyplace early.  We have our exercise time in the morning and tend to our home keeping.  If we have errands, shopping or appointments, we try to schedule those in the early afternoon.  If we are home, we tend to our outside chores in the afternoon.  In the evening we enjoy our evening cup of coffee, a homemade treat and again we cherish our quiet time.  This seems to work for us.  I am sure it would not be to everyone's liking.

Our plan is to keep our day as quiet as possible and to enjoy it in the most simple way.


  1. I love my time with family and friends; but there is something special about having a quiet moment to yourself as well. It helps the world feel more balanced; a time to catch our breath. Enjoy your quiet moments and wishing you all good things in your part of the world.

  2. Quiet time is in short supply in my home. I long for it sometimes and when that happens, I hop in the car and escape for a bit. I do get to steal a few quiet moments at night, but with a house full of teenagers and their friends, those moments could be well after midnight!

  3. Isn't it nice, Teri, to be able to do what you want when you want and where you want? Your quiet times seem so peaceful. In this age of noise and hurry, it's nice to be still peaceful! This was a lovely post!
    God bless, Kathy

  4. I love the days that I get a bit of quiet time to enjoy. I baby sit my grandson so quiet time consists of a short nap when he takes his. Really, dear, when I visit your blog, I feel the peaceful quiet that you enjoy at your cottage. Thank you!

    Grace & Peace,

  5. Sounds like a lovely way to begin and end the day, Teri.

  6. Quite time is a must for me!
    Sometimes I take two. One, first thing in the morning.
    Then sometimes, I enjoy an afternoon reading (quiet time).

  7. This sounds like a page out of our daybook, Teri. We live very much the same way. God bless you. Nancy

  8. Hello Teri,

    Thank you so much for sharing about your quiet times. It is a blessing to know that others live much the same way. You are so right about the fact that it is the way that habits and lifestyles are formed...the consistency is so important.

    I have always been an early riser and find that I function much better by staying with that same routine seven days a week rather than staying up later on the weekend and rising later.


  9. I love my quiet time also. If I go a day or two without it, I simply am not as happy. I love getting up early as well. It is so nice to start your day before the sun comes up. Hugs to you. Juli

  10. This is a lovely way to live. Our days are similar, but revolve around my husband's work schedule, which is flexible, as he travels frequently for days at a time. I spend many hours alone, so I love to sew, crochet, bake, garden and house-keep while he is gone. My devotional time is right before sleep when I say my prayers and count my blessings and do a bit of inspirational reading. A quiet life is a sweet life, I agree. Sending hugs xx Karen

  11. Good Evening dear Teri. Thank you for the birthday wishes for John. I enjoyed this post very much. I have always been an early riser. I love the quietness, and I have a favorite chair by a window and even when it is dark outside, I can often hear the birds. I have my devotional and prayer time. Make my coffee and tend to the cats. John wakes about 2 hours after me! I wish you a good evening and I hope your weekend is nice.