Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Seasons

Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all.
by Stanley Horowitz

I am thankful for the four seasons.  I love each one.  The four seasons determine how we live out each day, the foods we eat, what we drink, what we wear, what we choose to do each day and how we celebrate special days with our family and friends.

♥ our days are shorter
♥ our days may be cold and snowy
♥ it is the season for resting and healing
♥ it is a time to restore
♥ it is a time to plan and prepare
♥ it is the time to cherish the warmth and cosiness of our little cottage

♥ the sun rises earlier in the morning and sets later in the evening
♥ spring flowers begin coming through the ground
♥ The birds begin feathering their nests
♥ some days may be cold, some days may be warm
♥ we begin preparing our garden
♥ there are windy days
♥ we enjoy spring showers
♥ spring is a time to create
♥ a time to be hopeful

♥ the days grow longer and become warmer
♥ sunshine is abundant
♥ the season of growth
♥ we begin to enjoy the produce from our garden
♥ using the fresh herbs from our herb garden
♥ pretty flowers are abundant

♥ the season of change
♥ our days become shorter
♥ our days are usually warm, our evenings cool and the nights may be cold
♥ the leaves are turning and falling to the ground
♥ it is time to begin cleaning our gardens and our yards
♥ it is the season of peace and quiet
♥ we begin planning and preparing comfort foods

To everything, there is a season and a time to every purpose under Heaven.
Ecclesiastes 3:1


  1. I like the way you have stated that, "winter is the season for resting and healing". I had never tried to put into words, but that is exactly how I feel! Each season is precious with something to make it treasured.

  2. This is a very nice post explaining the 4 different seasons, Teri! I love it! I love each season for what it brings and the different foods we prepare. Spring, as you know, is my favorite because of the rebirth of everything, the earthy smells of the soil and the planting of the garden. I know your favorite is fall and it is beautiful. Thanks for this sweet post this morning.
    God bless, Kathy

  3. I am thankful for all the seasons; with each one they bring their own uniqueness and something to treasure. We had beautiful soft, big snowflakes falling from the skies this morning and now in the afternoon the sun is shining and the sky is blue. A wonderful day to put in a few stitches on a special quilt and stay cozy and warm.

  4. Have you noticed that the days are longer? It's light out longer! YEAH!

  5. I love the changes in seasons. There is a beauty in each one, love how you express that beauty in your writings. Hugs to you. Juli

  6. Winter is my least favorite season, but your comment about healing and resting has made me reconsider. It has its purpose and I am going to try to see it from that perspective. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Teri. Perfect timing as usual. :)

  7. You captured each season beautifully! First time visitor and enjoy your world. Hugs, LJ

  8. Hi Teri and blessings to you this weekend. This is a very nice post. Like you, I enjoy something about each changing season. We are enjoying distant mountain views now that the trees are so bare. It is chilly today, but we are warm and cosy indoors. You and Bill have a lovely day.

  9. I do appreciate the restorative nature of winter. Dennis and I have come to appreciate this time of year for that reason, and for the creativity that tends to come from these quiet months. xo