Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Our Kitchen Table


Each new day begins at our kitchen table.  Our kitchen table is a cosy place to gather.  It is a place where we spend time together.  It is a place to make memories and to cherish those memories from years gone by.  Our kitchen is a room of happenings.  We eat, we play, we work, we laugh and we have even cried there.
I remember as a new bride, 48 years ago, fluffin' and featherin' our little nest for my hubby and myself.  Oh, my goodness, I remember those days as if it were just yesterday.  We still live in that same little nest, but our little kitchen no longer has the little rustic wooden table for two that sat in front of our kitchen window which looked out to our backyard.  Our wooden kitchen table now is round and its home is in the center of our kitchen.
I have a deep respect for the kitchen table.  Once upon a time the kitchen table was the soul of the home where families gathered for meals, friendships were made, decisions were thought out, celebrations were planned and hurts were healed.  Our kitchen table is the heart of our kitchen and of our home.  Our kitchen table is a humble gathering place to find inspiration, support, to plan and prepare meals, sharing our thoughts with one another, enjoying healthy food, playing games, sewing and working on projects.

During our son's growing up years, most afternoons and evenings were spent at our kitchen table with our son, drawing, painting, doing homework, putting together puzzles and so many other fun projects.  Many winter evenings we would light the oil lamp and tend to our projects with the warmth and the soft light from that oil lamp.  Our son is 45 years old, so it has been many years, but oh so many precious memories.
There are so many memories of mixing, cutting out and baking decorated sugar cookies for each holiday or special occasion.  I still have the old fashioned cookie cutters and from time to time I will make homemade decorated sugar cookies.
I have cut out patterns and would sew together little homemade keepsakes.  We plan vacations, little getaways and out and about days at our kitchen table.  I sit at our kitchen table and sort through our mail, go over our budget, pay bills and plan meals.
From the kitchen table life lessons were learned.  Our kitchen table is spruced up for each season.  We keep it rather simple.
History lives ... future plans are made ... all from our humble kitchen table.


  1. Oh what memories you must have of your charming kitchen. A lifetime of memories. You have filled it with all your wonderful furniture, collectables and kitchen necessities. You have filled it with your love for family. You have filled it up with heart warming memories. What a treasure to have this special place. Thanks for sharing a peek of it with us.

  2. Good Morning, Teri. Your kitchen is so delightful. I have sweet memories of the kitchen table from childhood. Mama would serve supper each night around the table; we would say grace, share about our days, etc. The table often was a place for doing homework, or craft projects. It was a place to join with friends in prayer. I love your oil lamp. I hope you have a blessed day.

  3. What a lovely post to read this morning, Teri! Your sweet kitchen table has given you so many memories. I can see the love you have for your family in that picture of your kitchen table. Have a nice day.
    God bless, Kathy

  4. Hello, my sweet friend. Your post brought a smile to my face today. Thank you for sharing your memories.♥ I also have sweet memories of our kitchen table, both when I was a young girl, and since I've been married. :-) I love your kitchen. It is decorated so beautifully.♥ Much love,~Melanie

  5. Such warm and wonderful memories you have shared about the wonders of a kitchen table! Precious memories are made here, and I enjoyed hearing about the joys that have been shared there. Your blog is always such a beautiful, special place to visit. Hugs to you today!

  6. Your choice for a round table is perfect!
    What wonderful memories from yesteryear to tomorrow's.

  7. Teri, your kitchen table is truly the center of your home. I enjoyed reading this post and how your table has been the center of your home all through your marriage. And it is so true that once upon a time the kitchen table was the soul of the home. That brought back memories of my growing up days on a dairy farm and how the men in our small community would combine their efforts and go from farm to farm to help each other out when it was harvest season. My grandma's dining room table was where they all gathered for their meals when they were helping at my grandfather's farm. My grandma's kitchen table was also the soul of the home. I used to delight in waking up very early and going downstairs to her kitchen table to eat breakfast with my grandfather and my dad when they'd come in after milking the cows. Thank you so much for the reminders. :)

  8. I love this post. I love your photo of your kitchen table. Your home looks so cozy. Your words paint a picture of family and cherished times. Thank you for sharing. Hugs. Juli